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One can glean some indication of VEIL II's intensity from the fact that it is a collaboration between Matthew Adis and James Trejo, both of whom can only produce music that expresses their total and complete contempt for the world. Yes, the makers of menacing hardcore classics like SALVATION'S "Mortality Interactions" and CADAVER DOG'S "Dying Breed" finally found themselves in the same bedroom studio and, upon pressing record on the 4 track, the magic instantly occurred. The results speak for themselves. The music, though possessed of overwhelming ability, is delivered in a straightforward manner as if to clarify, 'yes, you all suck—everything sucks.' Their audacity is shocking, and it has the effect of giving the music both a pleasant disgust and a cathartic rage, which is then pleasingly subverted in the final song when the music abruptly switches to ripping off your face in a different but equally satisfying denouement. What's more, there is a science fiction element to VEIL II that leaves one with a depressing feeling of what's to come. It is as if Negative Space abandons one to endlessly wander through a smoky, post-apocalyptic urban setting under an icily-colored lighting scheme and expecting to make it out alive. If you feel your world is about to end, at least be listening VEIL II when it does.
releases May 14, 2021

Matt Adis- Vocals
James Trejo- All instruments

Recorded by James at Blood Lust Studios, Denver. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air. Artwork by Putrid.
YA 114

The "NEGATIVE SPACE: WITHOUT RESTRAINT" pressing features a full-color, double sided laser printed plastic fold over sleeve with see-through window, laid over corresponding inner sleeve, and neon green vinyl. 1950's L.B. Cole-style horror comics artwork by Putrid.

Note: Allow 6 weeks for delivery.

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