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Now that we are in the End Times, "normal" means living in constant fear and enduring nightmares forever. One may feel the instinct to flee, but safety is nowhere to be found. What has grabbed us will not let go. Look away all you want, but eventually you will face the situation: we are in a new Dark Age. Others take comfort in the fact that none of this comes as any surprise. MANGLED STATE provides us with a vision of unflinching realism to remind us all that exists is pain, because pain is all. Houses reduced to rubble, decay, disease...welcome to your new life; yet these trivialities are merely incidental to the human condition. You will tolerate more than you ever thought possible, but it requires understanding that life will never again be as easy as it is right now. It is to say that in exchange for present comforts we gain future strength, but to do so is to pass through its flames. What will you endure?

MANGLED STATE on this recording:
C. Bokemeyer- Bass
J. Bokemeyer- Guitar
J. Everett- Drums, vocals

Recorded and mixed in Room 23 at Francisco's Studios. Mastered by W. Killingsworth at Dead Air. *Friend or Foe originally by Negative Approach.

The "PAIN INCARNATE: HARVEST THE BONES" pressing features a stunning laser-printed white and black 7" flexi disc housed in elaborate custom 8-panel die-cut foldout jacket with black flood lining and hidden pocket sleeve, stored in stickered bag. Artwork by Mark McCoy.

Note: Allow up six weeks for delivery

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