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JERKBOOTH VOL. 1: 2004-2007 BOOK


Some books write themselves, as is the case with Jerkbooth Vol. 1: 2004-2007—penned by the greatest minds in the mid-00's underground. Here is a window into hardcore's seldom-discussed past, where Ebay bid wars, Myspace hype and casual infighting amongst a small community of miscreants paved the way for the dark reality of today's music scene. Meticulously recreated in print form, Jerkbooth Vol. 1 captures the first four years of the infamous guestbook's existence, presented here in full, sequential order with all gossip, obscenities and spam intact. Highly readable and lead by a cast of both notable and anonymous personalities, the text today sheds insight into the absurd pursuit of satisfaction in a microcosm of rare records and short-lived bands that vanish on a moment's notice.

Spanning 300 pages, this handsome perfect bound edition measures 7" x 10 x 1" and comes wrapped in a smooth 80lb silkscreened dust jacket.

Note: Allow up to 6 weeks for delivery

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