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Death Dedication visionary and hardcore icon Aaron Aspinwall (The Repos) throws down 2 working class industrial-grade paint thinner jams and a horrifying live session in the harshest city in the world, Dayton, OH. Atrocious sounds and textures peel back the layers of filth to reveal the even more hideous underbelly of that which once was and can never be again. Chemical induced heart failure amplified through cacophonous walls of nuclear annihilation. Slow, immense harsh noise played fast. Contradiction and collapse. Steely Dan plays Merzbow while blitzed on Canadian Mist and Xanax. True, blue collar, modern Midwestern Americanoise that can only come from the twisted mind of a four star General in the GRHN army high kommand.

Side 1 Changed Heart
Side 2 Live in Dayton, OH 2/3/18

Note: Allow up to 6 weeks for delivery

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