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"Despite being the fifth most densely populated city in the United States, Philadelphia’s bleakness bears down on all of its inhabitants, creating an air of intense isolation and melancholia that permeates every facet of urban life. When intersecting with the individual’s personal demons, this inescapable maze of row homes serves as a fertile incubator for snarling, convention-defying declarations of self. Born out of these conditions, Drowse’s debut vinyl offering via Knife Vision Records is as unrelenting and unsettling lyrically as it is sonically. Describing a lifetime of silence amidst physical and mental abuse, the acceptance of human mortality, and peeling away at the façade of normality all in the matter of minutes. Walking the tightrope between punk and hardcore without being distinctly either, this EP represents a new breed of Philadelphia extreme music while paying homage to those who came before."
- T. Berger


Please allow up to 3-5 weeks for delivery.

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